MFH NEWS (1/11/22). Terrible, Polytechnic Medica Farma Husada Mataram once again strengthened international cooperation by holding MoUs with 6 leading universities at once in Korea. The MoU was signed at the President Executive Club hotel in Cikarang, Jakarta. The event was lively and attended by several campuses in various areas such as Padang, Manado, Kendari and NTB only represented by the Medica Farma Husada Mataram Polytechnic.
The six campuses are Cheongju University, Ajou University, Kwangwoon University, Hanbat National University, Inha University,
It must be acknowledged that Korean campuses generally have high competitiveness and even compete with developed countries, especially in the fields of IT technology, military, health, and social fields. Some campuses such as Kangwoon National University, among others, even conduct internships and innovative research at large companies such as the giant Samsung and become active manufacturers that support the military equipment industry such as the manufacture of tanks, fighter aircraft, drones, and cutting-edge medical equipment.
Some Prof. from Korea like Prof. Chung even revealed partner campuses that have MOUs to actively bridge student exchanges, lecturers, and collaborative research with campuses in Korea. The strength of campuses in Korea generally lies in its high academic standards, adequate research funding, and abundant expert resources available. Korean campus alumni are no longer scattered only in Asian countries but on average worldwide work in Europe, America, and England. Excellent alumni qualifications are a differentiating reason with our campuses in Indonesia.

Medica Farma Husada Polytechnic has proven itself as a campus that has become an international pioneer. Collaboration is proven by the number of collaborations that have reached all the best universities in Southeast Asia such as collaborations with Miyanmar National University, Mahidol University Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia and most recently is six universities in South Korea.

Director of the Medica Farma Husada Mataram Polytechnic Dr.Syamsuriansyah, MM.M.Kes realizes that to encourage the growth of the global academic climate in regional campuses there is no other possible way other than collaboration. Academic quality, competitiveness, and productivity cannot be created in a relatively short time but require process, time, money, commitment and readiness of resources. The vision of the Medica Farma Husada Mataram Polytechnic to achieve global excellence in the future is currently being strengthened by strengthening intensive collaborations with leading campuses in the world.

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