MFH NEWS. The Medical Laboratory Technology Study Program won the title as an institution that consistently carries out international collaborations at the AIPTLMI (Association of Higher Education Institutions of Indonesian Medical Laboratory Technology) Congress held from 27-29 September 2022. This award was given to the Polytechnic Medical Laboratory Technology D3 Study Program MFH Mataram as one of the institutions that contributes significantly and consistently in the development of human resources by carrying out various forms of international collaboration. The Medical Laboratory Technology of the Mataram Polytechnic MFH is considered to have advantages in three main aspects, namely the authenticity of the developed program, the social and institutional benefits of the program and the commitment to implementing the international collaboration program.

This event is held once in 4 years. This achievement strengthens optimism to realize the Medical Laboratory Technology of the MFH Mataram Polytechnic as a study program that excels in the field of molecular biology by 2025 in Indonesia.

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